With winter on its way, we are madly bringing in the last of the fresh herbs, some of which have already been touched by frosts. One of the pleasures of winter which I refuse to give up is the sipping of home-grown teas, dried and packaged away for those long nights when purchased tea just won’t do.

In past years I have bundled and tied the herbs, then hung them in closets or other dark spaces to dry until crisp. This year I’m using our dehydrator from dryit.com.

Sipping this tea reminds me of innumerable conversations shared over steaming cups with girlfriends and grandmothers. More decisions are made with tea in hand than I can count, and just drinking a cup forces one to slow down.

This year’s blend of spearmint, lemon verbena, and lavender was picked with a particular friend in mind. Do you have a favorite tea (homegrown or otherwise) that you enjoy?

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2 Responses to Tea Time

  1. Sheila Ward says:

    Answer to your question: Any cup with you. Been so busy, and could use a slow cup with a dear friend. Thank you for continuing to inspire with your blog. Congrats on award nomination!

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