December is full of wonders. First there was that light snowfall reminding us that winter is almost here…

Photo courtesy of Lissa Cowan.

Photo courtesy of Lissa Cowan.

…then a walk through Milner Gardens and Woodland where repurposed plastic water bottles created a majestic display of lights…


Soon after the wood stoves arrived–one for the suite and one for the main house. Both are Pacific Energy Vistas, a model deemed a good fit for super-insulated walls and smaller spaces (that’s us).


Then the long-awaited fairy house came together in the sewing room after several nights of snipping and stitching. I call it “long-awaited” because I previously ordered this pattern and then lost it–in November no less. That was three years ago, and since I have obsessed about it ever since, I ordered another from Magic Threads.

Other secrets involve project bags–introduced by Christy Wilson via daisy janie.

We will fill these wee tote bags with simple fold ‘em craft kits for our girls–embroidery for big sister and needle-felting for little sister–along with hoops, foam blocks, and rovings, which will flesh out the bags.

I do have a thing for polka dots, it seems.


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2 Responses to Seasonal Warmth and Magic

  1. christy says:

    way to GO!!!! where do you find the TIME???
    I still have not sewn up my project bags you so kindly cut for me….this inspires me to maybe tackle it in time for Xmas!

    and oh, that fairy house!!! WOW!!!! you must teach me!!!

    love the light and love shining from your home and in your words!!

    holiday blessings to you and yours!


    • admin says:

      The fairy houses are easier than they look–and very forgiving (something I love in a sewing pattern because my sewing has a tendency to zig where it should zag…) Blessings to your household too my friend!

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